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 Instal the console (Halo trial/full/CE)

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Instal the console (Halo trial/full/CE) Empty
PostSubject: Instal the console (Halo trial/full/CE)   Instal the console (Halo trial/full/CE) I_icon_minitimeSat 12 Dec - 3:08

What is console?

console is a handy little tool that is built into Halo PC – along with many other games. It is a way to manipulate settings, control the server, and even to eliminate unruly players. You must enable it before using it. However, if you’re running the full version (or Custom Edition), the console is built into the game, so ignore this first section.

Patching to Console (Trial ONLY)
A patch has been made to Halo Trial to enable the console. get it HERE!
patch “borrowed” from halotrialmods.com, where it was posted by Phenomena, who got it from sniper, who got it from nmgod.
alrighty, so here’s what to do: first, you need ppf-o-matic, and something to extract .rar files. extract the file console.rar you just downloaded above. run ppf-o-matic. set the ISO file to c:/~the halo trial folder~/halo.exe. set the patch to wherever you put console.ppf. hit patch and let ppf-o-matic do its magic. now you must enable the console.

Enabling Console (Trial, Full and CE)
go to the SHORTCUT on your desktop (not the exe) for halo (or make a new one if you wish). right click it, and choose properties. in the ‘target:’ box, it will say something like “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Halo\halo.exe”

add -console to the end, so it looks like this:
“C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Halo\halo.exe” -console

Using Console (Trial, Full and CE)
Now, run halo BY DOUBLE CLICKING THE SHORTCUT YOU MADE (running it any other way will not load the console). Start a multiplayer game as you normally would. While in your server, type the ~/` symbol (…Below the esc key. Symbol will variate among different keyboard types. Don’t forget to hold down shift if using a United States International Keyboard). in the bottom left corner, a little pink text pops up that says something like “halo(~”

This is the console. you can do some pretty cool things. for a detailed list, go THERE

But, if you just want to ban people, here’s what you do. Type “sv_players” and it will list all of the players. remember the first number, (1 – 16) and then type “sv_kick ” and then the number. Note that this simply removes the player from the game and does not stop them from rejoining again. typing “sv_ban “(number) will stop them from rejoining, but will not kick them from the current game.

happy kicking! (and devmode’ing, etc ^_^)

Trial users should note however that since sv_ban bans based on cd hashes, and there are no hashes in halo trial, banning has no effect.

Disclaimer: I‘m not responsible for you being an idiot.

Back up your halo.exe before you patch it. And please, don’t kick people just cuz they’re better than you.
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Instal the console (Halo trial/full/CE)
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