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 Speed Hacking (Halo 2)

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Speed Hacking (Halo 2) Empty
PostSubject: Speed Hacking (Halo 2)   Speed Hacking (Halo 2) I_icon_minitimeMon 14 Dec - 15:38

Speed hacking is the #1 annoyance among all Halo 2 Vista multiplayer fans. Little do ordinary players know that speed hacking just serves sheer fun, although it [may] pose a large disadvantage. PLEASE do not over use this and USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Experience the PURE FUN in speed hacking by following these steps!

1. Go to cheatengine.org and download/install the latest version of Cheat Engine
2. Start Halo 2
3. Minimize the game (this is very important). Start Cheat Engine
4. Click on the flashing button at the very top left corner of Cheat Engine
5. Search for the Halo 2 process (halo2.exe)
6. You will see many intimidating settings (hex values, etc.). Don’t worry about those. You will only need the “Enable Speedhack” option, which is located on the right of the Cheat Engine window.
7. Adjust the speed to 5 (I prefer this number. You may play with this setting, but note that a much larger number may yield server lag.)
8. If you wish to reset the speed to normal, do not set the speed to 1. Instead, exit Cheat Engine and restart Halo 2.
Use a number of 1.5 (closest to normal speed IMO)

Notice that this speed hacking method does not involve altering the settings within the map itself. This method simply speeds up the Halo 2 process so EVERYTHING is sped up (the main menu, melee, reload, etc.)!!!

Good luck and have fun!

Psssst…I would suggest creating a phony Live screen name along with a fake identity!!! And don’t do it too much on the same server or you will really annoy server owners (they could ban your IP forever)!!

In video:

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Speed Hacking (Halo 2)
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